Dementia & Alzheimer’s Disease Symptoms


Communication and language 

Ability to focus and pay attention 

Reasoning and judgment 

Visual perception 

Since dementia can vary person by person, it can be difficult identifying the symptoms in your loved one’s golden harmony offers in home care services that can help ensure your loved one’s well-being by providing safety around the house, and even develop a daily routine that they will look forward to 

Providing quality and compassionate care to your loved ones with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease this kind of care requires a special approach in which it should focus more on providing compassionate and understanding support to the patients the Golden harmony team closely monitors every patient through every phase of their illness this includes compassionate patient and caring support the family of a patient with Alzheimer’s other forms of dementia or intellectual disabilities may sometimes feel overwhelmed and exhausted particularly if they’ve been trying to care for their loved one 

Though this service we can lift the burden off the family allowing them to be family again rather than caregiver this gives the family and patients much more quality time together and can be enormously beneficial for all 

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